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Welcome to the ISAMMA 2013 in Taichung, Taiwan


The 3rd International Symposium on Advanced Magnetic Materials and Applications (ISAMMA 2013) is to be held at Windsor Hotels of Taichung, Taiwan, from July 21 (Sunday) to July 25 (Thursday).

 The aims of this symposium are to bring together scientists and engineers working on magnetic materials and their applications and to facilitate exchange of recent results and ideas around the following topics. The ISAMMA conference is a consolidation of the former international conferences under three different organizations: ISAMT (International Symposium on Spintronics and Advanced Magnetic Technologies) of Taiwan, ISPMM (International Symposium on Physics of Magnetic Materials) of Japan, SOMMA (International Symposium on Magnetic Materials and Application) of Korea.


Topics :
1. Fundamental Properties of Magnetic Materials
2. Hard/Soft Magnetic Materials and Applications
3. Spintronics Materials and Devices
4. Structured Materials
5. Multi Functional Magnetic Materials
6. Spin Dynamics and Micromagnetics
7. Magnetic Storage
8. Materials for Applications (Motors, Sensors, High Frequency, Power, and Bio/Medical devices)

Windsor Hotel





About visa application with China passport holders

please go on: http://spin.yuntech.edu.tw/2013mag/Application.htm

and contact with Dr. Shueh :rxijdil@gmail.com


Hosted by :

International Symposium on Physics of Magnetic Materials of Japan

International Symposium on Magnetic Materials and Application of Korea

International Symposium on Spintronics and Advanced Magnetic Technologies of Taiwan

Taiwan Association for Magnetic Technology

Taiwan SPIN Research Center

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

National Chung Cheng University

National Changhua University of Education

Sponsored By :


Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

National Science Council of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

Ministry of Education of R.O.C. (Taiwan)

IEEE Magnetic Society